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Energy recovery from wind

new solutions

Wind energy is one of the cleanest and most efficient renewable energy sources. Technologies utilizing wind energy are continuously evolving, and the latest solutions include large wind turbines and innovative hybrid solutions that combine wind energy with other renewable energy sources such as solar or geothermal energy.

Predictive Maintenance

One of the most promising applications of AI in wind energy is predictive maintenance. By analyzing data from sensors installed on wind turbines, AI algorithms can predict when maintenance is needed, identify potential problems before they occur, and reduce downtime.

Wind Turbine Optimization

AI algorithms can also optimize wind turbine performance by adjusting blade pitch, rotor speed, and other variables in real-time. By continuously analyzing data from wind turbines, AI can find the optimal settings for maximum energy production while minimizing wear and tear on the turbine.

Energy Forecasting

AI algorithms can predict wind energy production and help grid operators balance supply and demand. By analyzing historical wind data, weather forecasts, and other variables, AI can provide accurate predictions of wind energy production in real-time.

Site Selection

AI can help identify the best locations for wind turbines by analyzing a range of variables, including wind speed, wind direction, topography, and environmental factors. By identifying optimal locations, AI can help increase energy production and reduce costs.

Overall, AI solutions can help improve the efficiency and reliability of wind energy production, making it a more competitive source of renewable energy.